When you get together with good friends, ramp up the fun with Neonim!

In Neonim, a light and sound board game, players take turns zapping randomly aligned balls of light; the player who zaps the last ball loses. The game unfolds both horizontally and vertically, and the secret to winning is to give your brain a workout by trying to read your opponents’ tactics. (However, you can’t zap diagonally.)

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Price: US$ 4.99

Play against a friend or challenge the CPU by yourself – but the most fun is getting a group together to play. Up to four people can play Neonim at the same time, so it’s perfect for family gatherings and parties. It’s really best when everyone is making a lot of noise and having a lot of fun! The light balls and sounds are sure to add to the enjoyment!


  • Each player takes turns using a finger to zap balls.
  • Each player can zap one ball or a horizontal or vertical line of balls in any location during his turn.
  • The player can zap light balls only when they are adjoining.
  • Balls cannot be zapped diagonally.
  • The player who zaps the last ball is the loser.

List of Functions

  • Play with up to 4 players and including the CPU available.
  • 3 levels of difficulty for the CPU.
  • Can be used when the iPad is either horizontal or vertical.
  • Restart function allows you to resume a game after an interruption.
  • Sound and/or BGM can be set to ON or OFF.

Everyone can play, so it’s great for these occasions:

  • When you want to liven up a party.
  • When you’re shy and having trouble talking to someone you like.
  • When you want to have fun with your family after a meal.
  • When you want to improve communication with your husband or wife.
  • When you happen to get four friends together.
  • When you want to kill time while waiting in a line.

And many more!

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