nenet announces that Minutes for the iPad rolls out on the 21th of August. Minutes focuses on the stress free creation of meeting minutes and seminar memos. The application provides 22 “reserve keys” above your iPad’s keyboard for the sake of registering any phrases that you may frequently use. It’s a new style of document assistance application that enables you to insert registered words by pressing a “reserved key.”

Minutes is a product answering the question, “How can an application assist you in creating text effectively while making notes on an iPad?”

Minutes, as its name implies, was planned and developed assuming a business setting.  It is an application focusing on usability, functionality, toughness, and practical business usage, where quick input and stability during a project meeting is required for daily operation.

In particular, Minutes exerts a positive effect on inserting commonly-used strings and expressions such as fixed phrases, keywords, proper nouns, separators, etc.

 “One-tap” input to insert fixed registered expressions on “registered keys”

The existing on screen keyboard feature requires a user switching between letters, numbers, and symbols to change the input mode.  With Minutes it becomes possible to input frequently used words by registering the word and inserting the registered word with a “reserved key.”

The difference between a “reserved key” and auto complete is that, by reserving a key, the user can put a frequently used word in a preferred location.

Auto complete shows a list of selectable words, but the position of conversion options are changed with every use.  Since you can register not only characters but also line breaks and symbols on the 26 “reserved keys”, it will help you to track the progress of a meeting effectively by registering fixed phrases such as agenda, a period of time, person in charge, and costs beforehand.

  • Email forwarding supported

Assuming use in a business setting, especially considering the strict rules of corporate compliance, we support only standard email functionality rather than using cloud services.  It is possible to forward minutes with their history to mail clients using traditional email forwarding.  Similar to standard notepad applications, Minutes supports copy & paste functions to create a new text file.

We promise to keep the flow of your business simple by ensuring an external interface that facilitates communication between corporations.

Minutes created with the Minutes application have 72 characters per line, which is the same size that standard mail clients support by default, so the minutes will look the same whether inside the application or sent by email.

  • The “Date” button adds convenience in business documents

We provide an independent “Date” button.  You can simply use this “Date” function to add today’s date when you start creating new minutes.

  • Quickly start writing a note

You can create new minutes easily by pressing the “New” button on the document selection screen.  The first line of a document will be used as the title of the document, helping you to shorten the time between starting the application and composing a new file.

  • Created files are listed in simple chronological order

Document files are displayed in chronological order on the document selection screen.  To prevent the accidental deletion of files, you must edit a file before removing it.

  • Two skins are provided

Since a text editor will be used for a long time, we support two skins for design conscious iPad users. The two styles are relaxing wood and chic monochrome.

We considered what would be suitable for a business scenario and provided preferable designs.  It helps you to concentrate on documentation by keeping high availability and eloquent look and feel.


  • Changes of registered phrases on “registered keys” provides versatility

Since you can add various strings, including line breaks, to the “registered keys”, it enables you to use the registered words according to different usage scenarios.  For example, you can add “0” to “9” in your registered keys so that you can insert numbers without switching the keyboard panel, or you can add symbols like [] and proper nouns so that you can use the application for non business purposes, such as making notes for writing novels or memos from an interview.

In addition to using this app to take meeting minutes, you can use it as an outline creator that collect your ideas by adding separator lines and symbols, or as a simple Web editor to create a web page by registering tags in “registered keys”.  On nenet site, we will introduce more ideas for the use of “registered keys”.


We will continue to provide not only examples of use of “registered keys” to business users but also utilization proposals for non business usage.



The images of this application are now on the official site:



  • Application info

Application name: Minutes

Version: 1.0.0

Compatibility: iPad

Compatible OS: iOS ver4.3 and above

Category: Work Efficiency

Price: 5 dollar

Development: moak-1 co., Ltd. e-content division “nenet”
<Contact information of this application>

Company: moak-1 co., Ltd. e-content division “nenet”


Address: 2-14 Shinjo bldg, Ageba-cho, Shinjuku-ku Postal: 162-0824

President: Kiyokazu Hutatsuki

Capital fund: 10,000,000YEN

Phone: +81-3-5229-7331(pilot number), Fax: +81-3-5229-7421


Person in charge: Kenji Sato, Katuki, Funatuki