Through the planning and development
Create a “new value, a new connection”.

nenet (Nenetto) is a development team that create the application in order to improve communication with customers and applications to take advantage of our corporate clients, maintain good and smoothly.

From the early stages of planning, including service in the scene and discern the meaning and use of the application.
Consisting of setting specifications and planning that reflects the proposal of a solution for the problem.
At your request, we will provide at a fair price and development speed application development and deployment in future high-quality, rooted in the road map.

As “HOT REVERSI HD” In addition, we will continue to go to the original provision and deploy applications, including the implications of the demonstration of the power and technology in outsourced development planning capabilities.


It is a symbol of the team running the iOS development representing the sense that a combination of “network” and “neo” and nenet is “a new connection, the presence to create a new value,” and the Android app.

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